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Liquid Rubber The Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

The North American continent offers a more challenging roofing environment than the UK due to the great extremes of temperature faced. The roofing industry there has for many years profited from the utilisation of Liquid Rubber.

Liquid Rubber provides a seamless waterproof membrane that is easy to apply. Liquid Rubber meets all environmental health and safety regulations which are currently enforced in the industrial and commercial roofing industry.

Instant Waterproofing For Roofs

For smaller roofing jobs Liquid Rubber can be applied with a brush and roller and the “Instant Set” technique can be used on larger projects. Vast areas can be covered quickly when the Liquid Rubber is applied as a spray. In a single day and without the use of fleeces or primers up to 1000 meters squared of Liquid Rubber can be sprayed. This means the application is up to five times the speed of some other roofing methods. Liquid Rubber sets as a single membrane with no seams or joins when it is applied cold, forming an elastic surface that is able to accommodate considerable movement.

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