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Fibreglass GRP Flat Roofing Wigan

Flat roofs are notorious for leaks and drips. Homeowners often find themselves constantly spending on ongoing maintenance and repairs. These costs add up considerably over time with the added expense of repairing internal damage.

Fibreglass is a strong derable product which if applied correctly can last an excess of 50 years. There are plenty of fiberglass manufacturers out there on the market that claim that there product is the best, but through years of trial and era we have come love and trust the Cure-It GRP system. What makes the Cure it system stand out from the rest is the BBA approval that it carries and not forgetting the 25 year material guarantee.

Why We Like Fibreglass Roofing

Best Roofers Wigan have been repairing and installing flat roofs for many years. During this time flat roofing products have come and gone but there is one that we believe in above all others and that is Fibreglass GRP. There is no other flat roofing solution that can match Fibreglass GRP for performance or longevity. Our faith in it is such that we accept no substitute.

The strength and durability of fibreglass is so impressive that it can last for over five decades. There are many manufactures out there, all claiming to have the number one product but Best Roofers have learned the hard way that name to trust is the Cure-it GRP system. This product has BBA approval and it’s quality is so high that it is issued with twenty five year guarantee.

Fibreglass Roof Installation Process

Without professional experience, the fitting of a Fibreglass GRP roof is very tricky to say the least and has been known to go badly wrong in no time at all. Best Roofers however are able to complete the process with the minimum of fuss thanks to our long standing relationship with this product. We have prior experience of fitting Fibreglass roofs of all sizes and you may view examples of our work in this field by visiting our YouTube page. A step by step guide to the installation process is available if you follow the link below.

Advantages Of Fibreglass GRP Roofs

Fibreglass Roofing has numerous advantages over traditional materials:

  • No heat required as it is all cold applied
  • Seam and joint free
  • All fiberglass formed on site
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Maintenance free

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