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Throughout history lead roofing has been fitted to a wide variety of buildings. It is proven material that has stood the test of time.

Even in the twenty first century construction industry there are roles for traditional materials such as lead. Even if lead is not used to cover the entire roof surface, it can be utilised to fashion gutters or flashings or as a method for joining the roof to walls of a building. When laid on top of timber boards, sheets of lead can be used to build a watertight surface for gutters or roofs. A coding system is used to differentiate between sheets of lead as each sheet will have different properties. Sheets are assigned a number that relates to its weight in pounds per square foot with heavier sheets having a higher number. For example a code 7 sheet may be required for larger historic roofs whilst to construct flashings, thinner sheets such as codes 4 or 5 may be used.

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