Commercial & Domestic Roofing Services

For residential and commercial properties Best Roofers wigan offer a comprehensive range of services.

You can depend on Best Roofers Wigan. Our customers are always reassured by our reliability and professionalism. For accredited roofing services in the North West, choose Best Roofers Wigan for everything from general repairs or maintenance to full installation.

Chimney Repairs Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Chimney Work Chimney Work

Taking the Full Force of the UK Weather

A chimney needs to be able to deal with everything nature can throw at it. In the UK this includes hot summer temperatures, snow and ice in winter and rain at all times of the year. It is little wonder that due to these extremes of weather and other factors such as bird droppings, eventually all chimneys will need some repair work.

Standing high above the roofline chimneys are often the most exposed aspect of any building and must withstand a lot. Changing seasons bring different challenges including condensation, frost/thaw cycles and nesting birds. Best Roofers provide a full chimney maintenance package to ensure that your chimney and roof can remain in use and in top notch condition no matter what.


Facias & Soffits Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Facias & Soffits Wigan uPVC Facias & Soffits

u-PVC Roofline

At Best Roofers Wigan we stock a huge range of styles of superb quality u-PVC roofline products.

For most people their home is the most expensive possession they will ever own. Your home and your roof must be protected using u-PVC fascias and soffits. The UK climate inevitably causes wear and tear to your home through factors such as damp and condensation. Every element of your roof, the fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding, gutters and downpipes play a vital role in safeguarding your home. It is essential that all of these elements are well maintained so that they work well as an ensemble. If this is not the case, problems can arise.


Flat Roofing Wigan
Flat Roofing Wigan

Flat Roofing Manchester Fibreglass, Kemper and Liquid Rubber

Numerous Flat Roofing Options in Wigan

Flat roofs are notorious for leaking and often need replacing. A reliable flat roof offer long term protection depending upon the materials used to construct it.

As with many buildings with flat roofs choosing the correct or most appropriate materials for a flat roof depends on the size and nature of the building. We offer 3 main flat roofing products which have full confidence in. Using only modern techniques and materials not only are our flat roofing installations reliable and guarenteed, but are also aesthetically pleasing.


Guttering & Drainpiping Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Guttering Wigan Gutters and Drains

u-PVC Gutter Specialists

Best Roofers Wigan are based in the North West so we know full well the volume of rainfall that buildings in our region must deal with.

It is vital that guttering is kept in good order because over time even small amounts of rain and splashes of water can destroy brickwork and design features. Drains and gutters in poor condition can also cause the additional problem of annoying noises from drips and splashes.


Lead Work & Lead Welding Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Lead Work & Lead Welding Wigan Lead Work For Roofs

Traditional Lead Welding & Lead Work

Throughout history lead roofing has been fitted to a wide variety of buildings. It is proven material that has stood the test of time.

Even in the twenty first century construction industry there are roles for traditional materials such as lead. Even if lead is not used to cover the entire roof surface, it can be utilised to fashion gutters or flashings or as a method for joining the roof to walls of a building.


Roof Repairs Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Roof Repairs Wigan Roofs Repaired

24hr Emergency Call Outs

The services that Best Roofers offer include a complete range of renovation and maintenance for domestic and commercial roofs. We will be able to assist you with any roofing issues regardless of how much work you require.

Whatever your requirements we have the answers to all your roofing problems.


Slate Roofing Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Slate Roofs Wigan Slate Roofing Service

Natural Slate Roofs

Best Roofers Wigan provide natural slate and take great pride in its pristine quality. Our quality of service matches the products we supply and this all comes at fantastic value for money.

The natural roofing slate Best Roofers Wigan supply is always tested to British standards and comes complete with a manufacturers guarantee. We hold a large range of samples and are very happy to provide advice on the installation process.


Tiled Roofing Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Tiled Roofs Wigan Tile Roofing Service

Give Your Roof The Strengh Of Concrete

Best Roofers Wigan offer solutions to all roofing problems but a particular speciality of ours is installing complete, new tiled roofs. The tiles we use our sourced from all the leading manufacturers.

Over many years Best Roofers Wigan have built our reputation on professionalism and excellence. We are renowned throughout the North West and beyond for undertaking major roof refurbishments and repairs.


Velux & Roof Windows Wigan
Roofing Wigan

Velux Windows Wigan Velux Roof Windows

Bring Some Light Into Your Room With A Velux Roof Window

If you want your property to display elegance and style then choose Velux windows.

Best Roofers Wigan offer a total window fitting package that marries the quality of Velux windows with the skill of our fitters. As always we try to ensure superb value for money.


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