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At Best Roofers Wigan we stock a huge range of styles of superb quality u-PVC roofline products.

For most people their home is the most expensive possession they will ever own. Your home and your roof must be protected using u-PVC fascias and soffits. The UK climate inevitably causes wear and tear to your home through factors such as damp and condensation. Every element of your roof, the fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding, gutters and downpipes play a vital role in safeguarding your home. It is essential that all of these elements are well maintained so that they work well as an ensemble. If this is not the case, problems can arise.

Those all important soffits, fascias, bargeboards, cladding boards, guttersand downpipes are easily forgotten – until something goes wrong.

To provide the best solution for the myriad different properties we serve, Best Roofers stock a massive range of colours and styles of fascias. It is important that all of the products we use are of excellent quality but also that this quality is mirrored by the excellence of our dedicated team of fitters. Best Roofers understand that replacing fascias and soffits counts for nothing if rotting timbers are not also replaced. To do otherwise is merely papering over the cracks and in time the underlying issues will return. Our experience in the roofing trade means we have no intention of simply hiding your problems. Best Roofers offer a total roof replacement that ensures your home or business will be safe from damp and other issues for years to come.

The Benefits of u-PVC Roofline

  • uPVC fascia board is a very durable material
  • Complete approach to a complete finished appearance
  • Exceptional weathering performance
  • uPVC fascia board is extremely pollution resistant
  • uPVC fascia board is resistant to vermin and insect attack
  • Colourfast guarantee against warps, cracks, and peeling
  • Transform the appearance of your home at a very reasonable cost
  • Self-coloured – you can put an end to all that painting! – (e.g.. white, light brown, dark brown and wood grain finishes)

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