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Taking the Full Force of the UK Weather

A chimney needs to be able to deal with everything nature can throw at it. In the UK this includes hot summer temperatures, snow and ice in winter and rain at all times of the year. It is little wonder that due to these extremes of weather and other factors such as bird droppings, eventually all chimneys will need some repair work.

Standing high above the roofline chimneys are often the most exposed aspect of any building and must withstand a lot. Changing seasons bring different challenges including condensation, frost/thaw cycles and nesting birds. Best Roofers provide a full chimney maintenance package to ensure that your chimney and roof can remain in use and in top notch condition no matter what. Our dedicated team have the expertise to protect your chimney against the elements twenty four hours a day 365 days a year as it bears the full force of our changing weather. Best Roofers provide a range of options for chimney maintenance that will safeguard your chimney regardless of what it is exposed to.

Completely open to the elements and most of the time above the roofline, chimneys take the full impact of the changing weather and the changes in temperature.

Our highly trained and highly skilled contractors can help your chimney stack withstand such extremes with a variety of maintenance options.

Chimney maintenance services from Best Roofers include:

  • Chimney Lead Flashing Replacement
  • Chimney Pot Maintenance & Installations
  • Chimney Flew Cleaning
  • Chimney Stack Removal

Every chimney is different and this means that every maintenance project we provide must be delivered bespoke to the individual needs of the customer. The vast range of materials that we have access to allows us to do this in a way that will always take in the unique character and style of a building. We will use appropriate, market leading products that retain the external appearance of a property. Size is not important to us; Best Roofers have the ability to work in any colours or shapes but will always leave your chimney ready to face the elements.
A course of regular maintenance is recommended as the best way to ensure your chimney remains in optimum condition over the course of its life. Regular maintenance will guarantee the effectiveness and safety of your chimney. Please get in touch with any questions you may have regarding chimneys or for your free no obligation quotation.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any chimney related queries or for your free quotation..

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