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The services that Best Roofers offer include a complete range of renovation and maintenance for domestic and commercial roofs. We will be able to assist you with any roofing issues regardless of how much work you require.

Whatever your requirements we have the answers to all your roofing problems.

Maintenance Contractors

No two roofs are identical and naturally each job poses different challenges for our fitters. Our many years in the business mean that we can handle anything your roof may present us with and our experience means that we can overcome each new problem with confidence, which in turn translates to peace of mind for our customers.

If you have any concerns over a damaged or leaking roof do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation. Minor repairs and patching things up can only work for so long. Eventually the time will come to consider a complete re covering. Our roofing professionals can assist you with this decision, we are the experts and we want to help you. Our survey will tell you everything you need to know about your roof and give you the assurances you seek. Best Roofers are the best possible team to have in your corner so do get in touch and together we will work out a strategy that will see your roof safeguarded for the future.

Free Quotations For Roof Maintenance Contracts

Peace of Mind

Our workmanship is of the highest quality and never fails to provide peace of mind.

Expert Installation

Our certified installation procedure ensures that damaged materials are always removed prior to fitting new bargeboards and cladding. Other roofing companies may provide a quick fix but this will not protect your property from the long term damage that will result in damp setting in.

Lack of Maintenance

The lifespan of your roof is certain to be reduced by a failure to detect minor deterioration or if the signals are ignored. Particular attention must be paid to roofing materials fitted to low-sloped roofs.


All roofing materials will degrade over time due to exposure to the weather. The materials used and conditions faced have a bearing on the speed of the deterioration but it is fair to say that in-organic materials last longer than organic ones. Whatever the materials used, the effects of hail will inevitably take their toll and other factors can accelerate deterioration such as exposure to industrial pollution or the presence of a heavy salt atmosphere.

Wind Damage

Whilst British roofs are not designed to withstand winds of tornado intensity, which they are unlikely to ever be exposed to, they do have to resist moderately strong winds of 50-75 miles per hour. These winds, often carrying flying debris will cause damage over the years. A partial vacuum is created when wind blows over a roofs edge and this is the primary cause of wind damage to a roof. Low pressure means that the high pressure air inside the building will force itself up against the inside of the roof undermining its adhesion and weakening fasteners. This leaves a roof weaker and more likely to suffer problems from the next strong winds it will face. Securely fastening roofing materials and insulation to the roof deck can help to neutralise these uplift forces. A correctly fastened perimeter detail must also be provided.

Poor Design

The design phase is crucial to a safe, properly functioning roof. If mistakes are made in design, dangerous and expensive problems will likely occur. In many cases the only way to overcome poor design is to fully refit the entire roof. Failure to detect problems with the design of a roof will mean that related problems re-occur time and again so it is crucial to resolve these issues.

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